Wednesday, June 20, 2012

In the Home Stretch

Whew. The days have gotten hotter, and my to do list seems to keep getting longer.  Stress levels are at an ultimate high for me this week, so please keep me in your thoughts in the coming days.

 My lovely '99 Buick, Eugene, is vacumned, clean, and got maintenance this morning (for a chunk of change but I imagine that's how it is with all cars).  I'm getting new tires in the near future so my car will be all set to run great for this roadtrip.

Despite the stress of finances, packing, and saying goodbye to many wonderful people, I am very honored to have received the Fund for Leaders scholarship!  The Fund for Leaders is an ELCA full-tuition scholarship; 16 people were chosen from all 8 seminaries to be awarded.  I am overjoyed that the ELCA sees the potential for me as a leader within the ministry!

As much as I worry over the burdens of moving, I know that there is a greater purpose that will be fulfilled in my experience of attending seminary.  How can I remain stressed when I know that when I need it, there is always someone there for me.  Family members, friends, and even strangers have stepped up to support me.  God works in wondrous ways. :)

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