Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 1: St. Louis!

What a wonderful, sunny day for driving! We jammed out to a mix I made for this trip and read through 120 pages of The Hunger Games. Jillien hasn't read it yet and so is very anxious to see how it ends--I'm trying not to give anything away when she guesses what is going to happen, since I am terrible at lying. :)
A tree down in Bexley right by Trinity Seminary--what a crazy storm!

I love being in the Midwest--states go by so quickly! I always feel very productive in my travels when I go through state lines every 2 hours.

Really cool cross structure! Jillien proclaims that it is the coolest thing we have encountered so far.
Missouri state line on the MLK Bridge

It was over 100 degrees in St. Louis today, which provided plenty of heat for us on our jaunt to the St. Louis Arch! It was grand fun to be a tourist at the Arch; one of the more difficult monuments to take a picture with...we had many tries at it though!

We have officially been spoiled here at the Anderson-Little house--homemade pizza (it was made on the grill! so innovative!), Mary Kay goodies, hawk-watching, cheesecake, and homemade mani-pedi's! It is such a blessing to stay with fun people that welcome us into their home. Thanks Dan, Linda, Leah, and Marcy!

Quotes from today:
 "Oh you guys are from Colorado? Do you have any of that wacky stuff?"--guy that took our money at a parking lot at the Arch; we think he wanted wacky stuff from us....

"I totally love Phasing's the best feeling you can have."---Leah

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