Thursday, March 28, 2013

Luther Coffee, HI and Dusty Mysteries

Right now, I'm sipping on some coffee that was farmed and roasted in Hawaii. Can you freaking believe it?  My coffee/espresso obsession is reaching an all-time high in regards to the degree of separation between the beans on the tree and my cup.  The woman's house that I am staying at is the person who owns the coffee farm in Hawaii; she lives mostly there but is back for the week and brought back coffee beans and homemade banana chips! I'm quite impressed.

View right outside of Los Alamos
Yesterday, I hiked through Bandelier Park with Pastor Bruce.  It's one of the many archeological sites of Native American dwellings in this area and it was an amazing walk through and reflection of the lives that have come before us.



These peoples had a rich life and community; it's lovely to see the ghosts of what used to make up this village of families.  Because the rock is volcanic due to a huge volcanic eruption thousands of years ago, it's easy to carve out dwellings as well as carve pictures in the almost chalk-like rocks.
the pegs are where logs that head up the roofs were--these were 2 story buildings

About to head into the kiva that is within an alcove 140 feet above the ground!

beautiful blue NM sky

amazing artistry dating back hundreds of years!

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