Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Scattered Mind.

Seminary life is great. It really is.  I get to attend class and talk/think/discuss how people see the world and how people interpret their spiritual experience.  Sometimes that means hearing stories about Frederick the Wise and the princes in Germany during the Reformation period, talking about Luther's concept of the Two Kingdoms in relation to candidacy (ha isn't that a whole bunch of seminary gibberish), and hearing about how Tolstoy's theological anthology that God exists affects the pacifist perspective he takes on in his ethical approach.

That might sound not super awesome to you, but for me, it was exciting.  But here's the problem: I could spend all day pondering just one quote or concept that I hear professors and students blurt out.  I have these pages of notes that I take in class with so many gems that could easily turn into books.

What's a woman to do with all of these breakthroughs and thoughts jumbling up in her brain?  It's great to experience the dwelling on new perspectives but goodness gracious; gates that I didn't even knew existed just keep opening wide.

My brain feels like mush at the end of each day but at least it's a mush that most definitely did some critical and theological thinking during the day.

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