Sunday, December 9, 2012

Oh PLTS...

What has made this past week so calming and rejuvenating for me?

Was it that How I Met Your Mother Season 7 is on Netflix? Or that I watched obscene amounts of it (I can't even admit the number on here for fear of extreme judgement....)?

Was it the nightly Advent devotions that include candlelit readings and prayer?

Was it my day of health on Wednesday that involved a eucalyptus oil and salt bath, feel good movies, baking eggnog bread pudding, and making egg drop soup?

Was it the Adventfest Talent Show Friday night, full of joyful stories, music, paintings, poetry, and energetic camp songs?

Was it the annual cookie decorating at Phyllis and Herbert Anderson's house (president and our pastoral care professor), complete with eggnog coffee, massive amounts of decorating creativity, and a delicious soup lunch?

As I walked home from work last night, a smile bubbled up onto my lips and I just feel joyful, all the way down deep.  Has this been a consistent feeling this fall? Uh not even close.  My journal entries would tell you that I've been to the depths of uncertainty and self-consciousness.  That's why this bliss tastes so magnificently sweet.

My seminarian friend Erin and roommate Dominique wrote a parody of the camp song"Pharoah" (which is a parody of "Louie, Louie" so it's circular parodying haha).

PLTS parody

Here are the lyrics:
Ed Johnson told me just a year ago
That I should move to Berkeley and make my home
So I packed my car full to the brim,
And this is what I got for listening to him,

I said Oh
PLTS, I love you so
I said Oh
PLTS, why is Berkeley so expensive

Me and 4 others came to see Steed
Turns out my Sunday school was fooling me,
So I took my Bible and I highlighted it
Still had to panic during every quiz

I said Oh
PLTS, I love you so
I said Oh
PLTS, Oh Looper please work today

Learning about Luther was next on the list
Most of the time in class, my face looked like this
visited lots of churches that were really cool
if you say contemporary or tradition
Carol and Kyle will kill you!
(they won't really kill you, but they'll judge you!)

I said Oh
PLTS, I love you so
I said Oh
PLTS, where did my humor go
(Seriously, I used to have so many good jokes. Now they are all theological...)

Jayson: So Luther, Melanchthon, and Spener walk into a bar...

The Andersons make an awesome duo
Phyllis preached that we were good soil
Herb tells stories that help us grow
he makes us role play with Episcopals!

I said Oh
PLTS, I love you so
I said Oh
PLTS, Who knew I'd suck at empathy

Need a cup of sugar? Someone'll bring it to your door
They'll come inside so you can talk some more
(Probably share more than you wanted to...)
We're having so much fun with our new family
we can't imagine choosing another seminary

I said Oh
PLTS, I love you so
I said Oh
PLTS, I love you so

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