Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 3: Home!

Our last day of the roadtrip to Colorado started out great--with DELICIOUS chocolate chip banana bread made by the acclaimed cook, Teri Drury (Thanks Teri!).  Ron took us into Lincoln to the Haymarket district, where we enjoyed walking around and looking around in two bookstores, where we picked up the next two books of the Hunger Games and coffee for the long hours of driving.

Of course we had to stop at the Mormon Island Rec Area!

After a few hours of driving, we got to Kearney, NE where the Great Platte River Road Archway Museum is located over the highway.  It was great fun to go through the interactive exhibit and take a pause to write postcards!
The rest of the trip included a frantic reading of Hunger Games (we were only 10 pages away from finishing the book when we get into Fort Collins), beautiful views of Nebraska farmland and plateaus, and a 10 minute rain storm that Jillien drove us through.

Coyote metal work since I didn't get the picture of the Wyoming sign!

I've found that the sky is hazy with smoke from the fires, but it is still the awe-inspiring Colorado that I know and love. :) It's good to be back home for a while to see friends and show Jillien my favorite things about Colorado!

It's crazy that I am here at home and that the wonderful life that I had in Columbus is still there in the East, moving on without me in the picture.  There a bigger purpose for this, one that I cannot see just yet.  I trust that God knows the plan and that Berkeley will be bringing more wonders than I can even imagine.  I am ready for the change and eager to begin my new adventures there!  Still, I carry all of you Ohioans in my heart and will miss you so much as I begin this new life stage.  Just as I did when I left Colorado to go fall in love with Ohio.

I keep thinking, my heart is so full of people and places and memories.  How can it expand to include new people and new adventures?  It feels at capacity right now--I feel like I am brimming with the love that people give me and the love I cannot help but hand out in abundance.  I am one very blessed woman and I know that the love that I encounter by giving and receiving will never be too much; it will continue to grow and expand my life in ways I never thought possible.

Quotes of today:
"Banana Bread do do do do do"--Drury household song
(to the tune of the Muppets song)

"READ WOMAN"--Jillien
"But we are really close to home--can't I soak it in the neighborhood?"--Kaitlin
"NO. READ."--Jillien

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  1. Your old Papa is so glad that you feel in love with HIS native state, too!