Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Complete with Bike+Dress.

Complete with Bike+Dress

Two wheels whizzing down;
Toes curved around my sandals
holding unto the pedals,
holding unto life.

The world is wide open
beckoning the winds of the four corners
to clash and move around each other.
The deep Bay water welcomes and invites in
the blue hue of the sky.

The orange silk of my dress
wriggling around my skin
with a constant thrill of the threat
that the soft fabric covering me
will flip up to expose thigh.

The cool breeze bursting into my skin
It tickles me into delight,
it tickles me into giggles.

It's simple to hold no room for worries
with the sunshine pouring down
and my heart flying through the air.

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  1. this is awesome. Thanks for writing and sharing.